Leadership Team

Alliance Co-Chair Leadership

To contact the Alliance Co-Chairs, please email CincyAlliance@braverangels.org


Robyn Brands

Co-Chair - Red



Above all, Robyn is a member of the community, wife, mother, daughter, aunt, sister and friend.

She is a born and raised Cincinnatian who is concerned about polarization and the breakdown of our community. Robyn joined Braver Angels because she wants to help be part of the solution and has now witnessed the impact that we can all make when we use the skills, tools, and mindset that Braver Angels fosters.

She believes that every single person has an important voice and that we are all better off when we use the collective wisdom of the many to find solutions to the problems facing us as a community and a nation.

Kathy Justice

Co-Chair - Blue



Kathy joined Braver Angels in 2018 after becoming increasingly frustrated by the polarization of America. She views involvement in BA field leadership as a way to help bring people with different political views together to share ideas and solutions in a respectful and productive manner. She is a BA moderator and provides training for in person and online workshops.

Dave Dennis

Co-Chair - Red