What We Do

What is a Braver Angels Alliance Group?

Braver Angels local Alliances Groups consist of people from the community who want to actively be involved in building on the Braver Angels mission through skill building and programming. Local Alliance Groups are made up of people who want to keep the conversation going to continue to find common ground and continue to grow involvement by others in their communities.

How is the Greater Cincinnati Alliance Structured?

Co-chair team: Robyn Brands & Dave Dennis are the Red Alliance Co-Chairs. Denise Burge & Kathy Justice are the Blue Co-Chairs. The Co-Chairs lead the local Alliance and work with the Ohio State Coordinator and National Braver Angels organization.

Core teams: A core team is a group of local annual dues-paying members who volunteer on a regular basis to help organize activities, plan the Alliance’s discussion and handle community outreach. There are three active “action” groups where you can volunteer: Community Outreach, Program Planning, and Operational Support.

Braver Angels is committed to balanced representation of active Red and Blue members whether on a national, state or local level. Independents (others) also actively contribute on all levels of the organization. Our Alliance is also committed to having a balance of red and blue as well as independents as actively participating members.

General members: Dues-paying members who attend Alliance meetings and participate in Braver Angels’ events locally, State-wide or nationally. Others from the community may attend Alliance group meetings and activities.

Want to learn more or get involved? Email us cincyalliance@braverangels.org

Braver Angels Greater Cincinnati is working in our local communities by holding workshops, debates and public presentations designed to bridge the polarizing political divide we experience in our country. These events allow conservatives and liberals to get past the destructive stereotypes so we can have civil conversations about real issues that lead to productive problem-solving.

Our mission is to introduce citizens to the Braver Angels process of depolarization and civil discourse through:

Red/Blue Workshops

Red/Blue Workshops bring together a small and balanced number of "Reds" (Republican or conservative-leaning citizens) and "Blues" (Democratic or liberal-leaning citizens) for a day of structured conversations. Here's what participants say a Red/Blue workshop gives them an opportunity to do:

• Gain a better understanding of the experiences and beliefs of those on the other side of the political divide

• Find areas of common ground and agreement in addition to differences​

​• Learn perspectives that are helpful to you and to others in your community and the nation

Skills Training Workshops

Skills Training Workshops can be done with any size group and bring together a small and balanced number of "Reds" (Republican or conservative-leaning citizens) and "Blues" (Democratic or liberal-leaning citizens). Skills workshops offer the following:

• The knowledge of what it takes to have constructive, non-polarizing conversations between people who disagree politically

• The chance to practice the skills to have these conversations

• Motivation to have these conversations with people in your social network

Coffee and Conversations

Our bimonthly Coffee and Conversation gatherings meet at local coffee shops for friendly, moderated discussions bookended by casual conversations to get to know each other.

Each month a national or local issue is chosen providing an opportunity to practice our Braver Angels communication skills and affirm each other’s humanity.

We're open to Braver Angels members and guests who are interested in learning how to have a better conversation.

Alliance Meetings

Our Alliance is a group of folks who want to help unify America, participate together in public life, engage in more civil conversations and promote better public policy.